Welcome! I’m Tom, most of the children I work with either call me Mr B, or a term of endearment that seems to have stuck somehow: TomTom.

I’m 21 and a trainee primary teacher. I’ve lived in Worthing, UK, for all my life but I’m currently out in Accra, Ghana teaching for the JayNii foundation. I’ll return home to finish my teacher training course in September.

I thought I’d start this blog asΒ I’ve only just gained some confidence in my practice, so I’m in a position to offer a potentially valuable resource to other trainees in my position, or for those considering straight up entering the profession. I will not leave any stone unturned of what this road has been like since I started when I was 18!


I’m also out here in Ghana doing a lot of exciting things that one doesn’t get to do every year, so it would be such a waste if I didn’t blog about it.

Who knows what this little blog could grow into? πŸ™‚